MOCVD laboratory

MOCVD laboratory

The MOCVD laboratory is equiped with AIXTRON CCS system dedicated to growth of GaN based semiconductors for transistor and photo-cathode structures ... (more in Laboratories)


Institute of Electrical Engineering is accredited to provide the doctoral studies as an external educational institution in collaboration with Slovak University of Technology and Comenius University in the following doctoral study fields:
5.2.13 Elecronics and Photonics
5.2.48 Physical Engineering
4.1.3 Physics of Condensed Matter and Acoustics

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About Institute

Institute of Electrical Engineering Slovak Academy of Sciences (IEE SAS) is a scientific institution established in 1953. Research areas of the institute cover disciplines of electronic and electrical engineering and solid-state physics supported by extensive material research.

Our researchers implement international projects supported by European Commission (H2020, ERDF), and national projects supported by APVV and VEGA agencies.


Research activities of IEE SAS are currently focused on:


    • Physics and technology at nanoscale

    • III-V compound semiconductors

    • Microelectronic sensors and detectors

    • Applied superconductivity

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