Head: Ing. Kováč Pavol, DrSc.

Deputy Head: doc. Ing. Gömöry Fedor, DrSc.;

The Department studies and develops superconducting wires, tapes and cables for DC and AC applications.

Research areas:

  • AC loss in superconductors
  • Superconducting materials
  • Magnetic-superconductor composite

At present the research is focused on following problems:

  • Theory of AC loss in superconducting cables and coils
  • Filamentary MgB2 superconductors development for DC and AC applications 
  • Experimental studies of AC loss in YBCO coated tapes and MgB2 wires
  • Transport current characteristics of  YBCO tapes and MgB2 wires
  • Electro-mechanical characteristics of  YBCO tapes and MgB2 wires
  • Structural studies of  MgB2 wires