Microelectronics and Sensors

Head: Mgr. Zaťko Bohumír, PhD.

Deputy Head: Ing. Chromik Štefan, DrSc.; Ing. Vanko Gabriel, PhD.;

Research areas: 

At present the research is focused on following problems:

  • AlGaN/GaN HEMT design construction for high temperature applications 
  • R&D of MEMS devices for harsh environments 
  • Structural and morphological characterization of the nanocomposite materials by transmission and scanning electron microscopy
  • Preparation of nanocolloids in ionic liquids by physical methods
  • Preparation and study of structural and electrical properties of HTC superconductors, ferromagnetics and dielectrics using vacuum deposition methods
  • Nano-patterning and nano-deposition in dual beam microscope
  • Detection of fast neutrons using GaAs and SiC semiconductor detectors 
  • X-ray imaging and tomography using crystal optics for increasing spatial resolution