Bachelor Labour

  • Title: Computer modeling of superconducting motors for aviation

    Supervisor: Mgr. Enric Pardo, PhD. ( Department of Superconductor Physics )
    doc. Ing. Vladimír Jančárik, PhD. (ÚE FEI STU)
    Stud. programma: Physical engineering
    Abstract: In the future, commercial airplanes may become electrical. Superconducting motors are very promising because of their light weight and high power density. The reason is that superconducting magnets in the rotor can provide higher magnetic fields; being the achieved record of 17.6 T, compared to around 1 T of conventional permanent magnets. In addition, superconducting coils in the stator enable higher current densities than copper windings. However, their maximum current density decreases with the magnetic field. Then, computer modeling is necessary for motor design. The student will develop a computer program in order to calculate the magnetic field in the stator and maximum current density for a given motor configuration, from which the maximum power can be predicted.  
  • Title: Computation of current vortices in superconductors

    Supervisor: Mgr. Enric Pardo, PhD. ( Department of Superconductor Physics )
    doc. RNDr. Martin Moško, DrSc. (FMFI UK)
    Stud. programma: Physics of Condensed Matter
    Abstract: Superconducting wires are necessary for large electro-magnets, such as the Large Hadron Collider in CERN. Superconductors are also promising for many power applications, such as large wind turbines or motors for electric commercial airplanes. All these superconducting wires are made of type II superconductors, which present vortices of permanent electric currents. Important quantities, such as the maximum macroscopic electric current that they can carry depend on the vortex physics. Knowledge of a computer programming language is recommended but not strictly necessary. This bachelor work is intended to study the superconductor vortex properties within the Ginzburg-Landau theory. The study will be done by numerical calculations that the student will program with the assistance of the supervisor. The study will be focused on simplified situations, for simplicity.
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