Physics and technology at nanoscale incorporating activities in 2D materials, theoretical and experimental study of resistive switching in dielectrics, and effects in nanomagnets including magnetic field imaging... (more)

III-V compound semiconductors including epitaxial growth of III-V heterostructures, processing and characterization of high-frequency and power switching transistors and nanowires. The research is mostly oriented on transistors based on GaN and InN... (more)

Microelectronic sensors and detectors including MEMS-based sensors for harsh environment, radiation and terahertz detectors, and crystal optics. Special attention is paid to possible application of these technologies in industry, automotive, medicine, and security... (more)

Applied superconductivity for development of new composite wires, small laboratory models of superconducting cables and devices such as electromagnets, current limiters, and study of novel effects in devices combining superconducting and ferromagnetic materials... (more)

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