GaN and III-N device research

Gallium Nitride (GaN) and related compounds commonly referred as III-N have significantly more flexible energy gap, higher breakdown electric field intensity, a large spontaneous polarization, high thermal and radiation resistance, but also the high mobility of electrons as compared to the classic semiconductors such as Si, GaAs and InP and related compounds. Therefore the electronic devices based on III-N semiconductors can withstand significantly higher operation voltages and temperatures (above 300 ºC) allowing for realization of devices for a higher output power and smaller physical volume. The III-N material may also exhibit the highest possible frequency along with the highest level of the breakdown voltage combined within the compared materials. Therefore there is an effort to develop III-N semiconductor devices, mainly Heterostructure Field Effect Transistors (HFETs) with/without insulated gate. Such transistors have the potential to gradually replace Si, Si/SiGe, GaAs and InP devices in microwave and power applications, switches, switching amplifiers, logic circuits and mixed-signal electronics. By term “advanced” we understand application of concepts which incorporate novel physical phenomena and unique technologies.

Consequently, in this manner we aspire to develop:

  • HEMTS with InN channel for ultrafast information transfer.

  • Advanced GaN-based transistor switches for energy conversion.

  • Technology of GaN-based fast mixed-signal circuits.

  • GaN-based UV sensors for space applications.


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