Nanostructures based on III-V semiconductors

Nanostructure is a structure, especially a semiconductor device, which has dimensions of only a few nanometres. The III-V semiconductors are materials which are obtained by combining group III. A elements with group V. A elements (e.g. GaP, GaAs,…).

Our department research is also growth of GaP (gallium phosphide) nanostructures (nanowires, nanocones) for different applications. The nanostructures are grown by MOVPE (Metal Organic Vapour Phase Epitaxy) technique. The fields of application of thenanostructures are wide from optical and chemical to biological applications.

GaP nanowires have potential for application as antireflection coating for solar cells (Fig. 1). Role of antireflection coating is avoiding reflection of phonons from surface and allowing their absorption into the solar cells. Main benefit of using nanowires as antireflective coating is their broadband and omni-directional character. However, nanowires are fragile and they can break under tiny mechanical stresses. A way to avoid this problem is to fill gaps between individual NWs with another material, e.g. thin nanostructural layer as ZnO (zinc oxide). The other benefit of using of ZnO is widening of spectral sensitivity range of solar cells to the UV region.

SEM obrázky: GaP nanodrôty (vľavo), GaP nanodrôty pokryté vrstvou ZnO (vpravo).

SEM images: GaP nanowires (left), GaP nanowires covered with ZnO layer (right).

GaP nanocones covered with Ag nanoparticles (Fig. 2) are very promising material for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS = Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy). SERS is selective and high sensitive method for identification of chemical species in a wide variety of fields, including materials science, biosensing, and electrochemistry. The main advantage of SERS is detection of chemicals at very low concentrations (in the range from 10-2 do 10-20 M).

SEM obrázok GaP nanokužeľov pokrytých Ag nanočasticami.

SEM image of GaP nanocones covered with Ag nanoparticles.


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