Detection of ionizing radiation and X-ray crystal optics

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Detection of ionizing radiation

The ionizing radiation passing through the matter demonstrates various physical phenomena, which can be used for detection or measurement of its characteristics. The primary component of measurement set-up of ionizing radiation is detector or sensor. Sensitive part of the sensor is semiconductor material like silicon, galium arsenide, cadmium teluride, indium phospide and others. According to character or ionizing radiation (alphy, beta, X-rays, g-rays and others) and its parameters which we try to detect, it is necessary to match detector parameters (like sensitive area, thickness and others).

Fig.1 a) Photograph of „single“ detector on pad; b) Semiconductor wafer with many pixel senzors for X-ray imaging; c) Example of detected spectrum of alpha particles with different energies using „single“ detector.


Research and development of SiC, DLC, SiN thin film technologies for applications in thin film devices and solar cells

Thin films of silicon carbide (SiC), diamond-like carbon (DLC) and silicon nitride thin films are prepared by plasma techniques such as plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition deposition (PECVD) dual-mode RF (radio frequency), ECR (electron cyclotron resonance), magnetron sputtering technique and attractive HWCVD- hot wire chemical vapour deposition. The techniques may be prepared quality layer at temperatures below 400 ° C that is required for compatibility with other microelectronic technologies. Prepared thin films are preferably amorphous and nanocrystalline. Individual amorphous and nanocrystalline films are characterized by several structural, electrical and optical methods such as RBS, ERD, XRD, I-V, C-V, PL, UV-Vis. The influence of the electromagnetic and nuclear radiation on the stability of the prepared films and experimental structures are also studied as well as the absorption capacity of silicon carbide thin films for the electromagnetic radiation.


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