Microelectronic, micromechanic and sensoric devices and structures

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Microelectronic, micromechanic and sensoric devices and structures

The motivation for this research lies primarily in the need to design and fabricate microscale sensors able to withstand harsh conditions. New materials especially group of III‑nitrides (III‑N) are very attractive for fabrication of high temperature electronics but also pressure and stress sensors since their excellent piezoelectric properties are preserved in a wide temperature range.

To manufacture a MEMS sensor (actuator), an iterative device development strategy was implemented in our group. It rises from an original idea concept as follows:

  • Modeling and Simulation – model creation, simulation of mechanical and electrical behaviour using Ansys code
  • Photolithographic mask layout – design and development of masks for device fabrication in CAD tools
  • Processing technology – fabrication of MEMS devices using microsystem technologies
  • Functionality Evaluation – electrical/thermal/mechanical/structural analyses using both contact(less) characterization methods
  • Model verification – the gained results are compared with the model in order to fully understand and optimize it



Technology applicable in the field of sensors operated in harsh environment for detecting and measuring dynamic pressure phenomena for example engine and/or cylinder combustion; rocket motors; gas-borne high intensity sound pressure level measurement; industrial turbine pressure monitoring; turbine combustor dynamics; far-field blast dynamics.


Recent publications:


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