Phase contrast X-ray imaging of light weight samples

Weakly absorbing objects (such as biological, polymers, etc.) typically have 1000 times stronger contrast in the X-ray region in the so-called phase-contrasted imaging mode as compared to the absorption imaging mode. This was the motivation for the X-ray microscopy setup we developed, which is based on an X-ray microfocus generator attaining a spatial resolution down to 3 μm with an average lateral coherence length of 0.3 to 13 μm and up to a 140-fold geometrical magnification [1,2]. The X-ray imaging system allows phase contrast imaging of light weight samples, e.g. bilogical samples, wood (Fig. 1), plastics (Fig 2a), paper, and so on. However, such a setup uses broad polychromatic radiation, therefore, the extracted quantities from the X-ray images, such as attenuation coefficient and the retrieved phase (Fig 2b), are affected by beam hardening effects and the X-ray images have usually a reduced contrast due to the presence of scattering [3]. The use of monochromatic radiation will, therefore, be of benefit but at the cost of a significant photon flux loss. However, the recent developments of more intense laboratory X-ray sources using liquid anode in combination with collimation optics and high-efficient direct conversion integrating or single photon counting X-ray detectors allow us to employ the X-ray crystal optics for imaging applications in laboratory conditions in an efficient way. Such a setup will allow for quantitative scattering-free X-ray imaging.

Fig. 1 CT slice with recognizable structural areas of wooden cells with a wall thickness of 3 micrometres.

Fig. 2 (a) Single X-ray projection of PMMA spheres (diameter of 20 mm) after flat-field correction and (b) the retrieved phase image (relative electron density) of PMMA spheres.


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