Spectrometric detector of heavy ions based on 4H-SiC

Semiconductor spectrometric detector based on high quality epitaxial layer of 4H-SiC material is suitable for detection and spectrometry of heavy charge particles and neutrons generated by various sources e. g. in reactors of nuclear fusion. We designed and realized original technology of detector preparation. The experimentally obtained spectrometric parameters overcome the best presented results published in the world till now.
Properties and advantages of designed detector: i) using 4H-SiC semiconductor material the diode detector is capable reliably operate in wide range of temperature; ii) possibility of detection of different heavy ions up to energies of several 100 MeV; iii) high spectrometric resolution of 0.25% for 5.5 MeV alpha particles; iv) high resistance against radiation and also neutrons; v) possibility of detector preparation with different active area and optimization for various heavy ions flux.


Example of measured spectrum of alpha particles with various energies generated by 238-Pu, 241-Am a 244-Cm radioisotop souces.


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