Terahertz radiation detector

We have designed and fabricated detectors of THz radiation based on bolometric principle. Though THz band is very important for applications in medicine, detection of explosives, etc., there is still lack of proper devices for generation and /or detection of THz waves. So, our microbolometer can be considered a substantial contribution to this field – it is miniature, has fast response, and works at room temperature, i.e., the clumsy cooling can be omitted. In its construction a long-term experience in fabrication of MEMS structures and also deposition of thin film structures of complex materials by PLD technique is applied. The microbolometers were successfully tested at PTB Berlin by THz radiation up to 1.4 THz. NIST in the USA has expressed an interest in our technology. More sophisticated microbolometers with enhanced sensitivity up to 10 THz are the subject of a new APVV project TERAMEMS (2015-2018).


Microbolometric detector of terahertz waves


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