Atomic layer deposition of thin films

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Growth of thin oxide films using atomic layer deposition technology

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) is chemical method of thin films preparation. Mostly oxide
films are prepared using this technique. ALD is based on repetition of sequence of
technological steps, when a sub-atomic oxide layer is deposited. The process takes place at
low temperatures and is characterized by high reproducibility and homogeneous growth over
large substrates, including conformal growth on 3D surfaces. At the Institute of Electrical
Engineering SAS we are able to prepare using ALD thin films of Al2O3, TiO2, HfO2, and

Atomic layer deposition consists of four steps:
1. Introduction of precursors, adsorption of monomolecular layer on the substrate
2. Purging of the reactor by inert gas, removal of superfluous precursor molecules.
3. Introduction of reactant gas followed by surface reaction to produce mono atomic
4. Purging of the reactor by inert gas, removal of reaction by-products.

Nowadays ALD is employed in semiconductor industry for preparation of CMOS transistors
gates and micro-capacitors for DRAM memories. In research ALD is used particularly for
preparation of thin films for resistive switching, passivation and insulation of GaN and GaAs
transistors gates and solar cells as well as for ZnO-based thin films transistor etc.


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