TRANSCOE – Vývoj nových vodivých priehladných elektród pre organickú elektroniku
Development of new designed transparent conductive electrodes for organic electronics
Program: Bilateral – other
Project leader: Ing. Fröhlich Karol DrSc.
Annotation: Subject of the proposed project is preparation of new transparent conductive electrodes with high transparency and low sheet resistance for organic photovoltaic\’s (OPVs) and organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). The project will focus on five issues; i) electrode design ii) synthesis of conductive electrodes; iii) fabrication, characterization and optimization of transparent electrodes; iv) fabrication and characterization of OPVs and OLEDs to test the performance of the prepared transparent conductive electrodes; v) encapsulation. We will prepare OPVs and OLEDs with incorporated novel electrode design and test the performances of the devices when the electrode materials will be deposited on glass and/or flexible substrate. Transparent conductive electrodes will be based either on organic Ag-nanowire network -organic multilayered structure or on atomic layer deposited Al-doped ZnO films. The electrodes will be characterized and optimized by measuring the sheet resistance and light transmission. The sheet resistance of the electrode should be adjusted to below 12 Ω and 50 Ω sq−1 for organic and Al-doped ZnO films transparent electrodes, respectively. Finally, OPVs and OLEDs will be encapsulated using atomic layer deposited thin films and their performance will be examined. Proposed project includes two different approaches of transparent conducting electrodes preparation for OPVs and PLEDs. Evaluation of performance of these two types of electrodes presents important and unique output of the project. As a result of the project A step to commercialization of new transparent conductive electrodes, OPVs and OLEDs will be achieved through international collaboration. Funding of the proposed project will create seed for setting up a new research on flexible electronics, Organic Field Effect Transistors (OFETs), Organic Thin Film Transistors (OTFTs), and nanotechnology applications in electronic and photonics for both partners.
Duration: 1.2.2017 – 31.1.2020


Tenkovrstvové štruktúry pre využitie v energetike
Thin film structures for energy applications
Program: VEGA
Project leader: Ing. Fröhlich Karol DrSc.
Annotation: The project is aimed at preparation of thin film structures for energy applications. We will focus on preparationand study of properties of transparent conducting electrodes for organic photovoltaic cells and organic lightemitting diodes as well as on encapsulation of these devices in the first part. We will concentrate also onpreparation and study of properties metal-insulator-semiconductor structures suitable as photoanodes for watersplitting under sun light. The next part of the project will be devoted to study of thin film electrodes for energystorage in batteries and ton preparation of structures for supercapacitors. Thin film in these devices will beprepared by atomic layer deposition and liquid injection metal organic chemical vapour deposition. Preparedstructures will constitute a base for new advanced devices for energy applications.
Duration: 1.1.2018 – 31.12.2021