Gender Equality and Ethic

On the 1st December 2021, the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Slovak Academy of Sciences (IEE SAS) established a Committee for handling of all issues related to gender equality and ethic in our workplace.

The committee is represented by the following IEE SAS staff members:

Mgr. Miroslava Blázyová (

RNDr. Vladimír Cambel, DrSc. (head of the Committee) (

Ing. Filip Gucmann, PhD. (

Mgr. Jana Hrdá (

Ing. Ján Šoltýs, PhD. (

RNDr. Marianna Španková, PhD. (

At the IEE SAS, we take gender equality and ethic very seriously. For clarity, we also consider sexual harassment as a breach of the gender equality. All of our employees are strongly encouraged to contact the Committee by filing a written case against any potential issue or misconduct at the secretariat of the IEE SAS (Room no.: 110).

If the Committee fails to resolve the filed case satisfactorily, or fails to resolve the case altogether, IEE SAS employees are encouraged to advance their case to the Ethical committee of the SAS by filling out the form available at the following location:

Our newly established Committee is working towards better working environment at the IEE SAS and SAS in general, with the gender equality and ethic in mind. Various stereotypes, hidden meanings and innuendos, gender insensitivity, and direct discrimination is present in number of everyday situations. Unfortunately, this includes the academia too.

Our aim is also to provide a support to our current female researchers, and to demonstrate that IEE SAS strives to provide a creative, inclusive, and gender favourable working environment to talented female students and other female researchers, currently not affiliated with the IEE SAS.

We believe the gender equality at the workplace greatly improves the teamwork and gives rise to better working environment, which may in turn contribute to significantly increased quality of the scientific work and prevent the talented male and female researchers to leave the IEE SAS for some other job opportunities.

Slovak Academy of Sciences issued ‘SAS gender equality plan’ as a part of the ATHENA project. As the institution founded by the SAS, IEE SAS acknowledges this Plan and commits to adhere to it. We aim to implement the Plan in a form suitable to the specific conditions of our institute to increase the number of our female researchers in the future, and provide them with the equal opportunity to succeed in the higher management positions at the IEE SAS. We consider this change to have important institutional and cultural implications.

We recommend referring SAS gender equality plan website:

For the basic information on this topic you can also refer to the following external sources:

May you have an idea, which could help us in the process of creation and implementation of the gender equality plan, please reach out to us; we are open to your suggestions.