Clean Room

Laboratory provides technology of semiconductor microelectronic structures and devices in using material vacuum deposition, photolithographic operations, and chemical operations.


  • TFDS-462B high vacuum deposition equipment (scroll and turbomolecular pump, electron beam evaporation source Telemark TT-6, two thermal evaporation sources 3.2 kW, Telemark 880 thin-film thickness and rate controller)
  • UF-30 heating and drying oven (up to temperature 300° C)
  • spin coater for application of the photoresist
  • one-side optical mask aligner, control optical microscope
  • two chemical boxes for the work with organic and inorganic agents


  • high vacuum deposition of metals to make contact layers for semiconductor structures and devices
  • photolithographic processing of semiconductor wafers to the 3″ diameter
  • cleaning and wet chemical etching of semiconductor wafers

Contact: P. Boháček, Tel.: +421-33-3811406 (deposition equipment)

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HV deposition system TFDS-462B and heating and drying oven UF-30

Chemical boxes for inorganic (left) and organic (right) agents