Clean Room

The clean room facility is used for processing of modern electronic devices, sensors, and transistors. It contains two rooms: Photolithography and Metal deposition laboratory. Class cleanliness is 1 000 by US Fed. Standard 209 (ISO Class 6 by ISO 14644-1), the dust particle count is kept at 1 000 particles sized 0.3 μm and larger per cubic foot. The powerful ventilation system also maintains the constant temperature (22 °C) and humidity (40%).



  • Optical photolithography
  • Preparation and processing of samples for Electron-beam lithography
  • Oxygen plasma treatment
  • Wet etching with high quality VLSI chemicals

Contact: Ing. Eva Kováčová, Tel.: +421-2-5922 2937

Access: guided access

Price: 10 Eur/hour for SAS employees (running costs and consumables)

Documentation: SUSS MJB4


Photolithography Laboratory in the Clean room