X-ray Diffraction and Imaging

The laboratory provides various types of high resolution X-ray diffraction analysis and reflectivity measurements of surfaces or thin films with thicknesses ranging from micrometers down to a few nanometers. Additionally, the laboratory allows modern phase contrast X-ray imaging techniques (2D, 3D). For detection of X-ray radiation, either indirect scintillation X-ray CCD based camera or single photon counting X-ray medipix type camera with Si or GaAs chips are used.


  • PANalytical high resolution X-ray diffractometer with Cu anode
  • High resolution X-ray imaging system for investigation of modern 2D and 3D imaging methods
  • Manipulator for X-ray optics containing of two high resolution hexapods
  • X-ray detector based on medipix (timepix) readout chip using Si or GaAs X-ray sensor (pxs=55 µm)
  • High resolution X-ray scintillation CCD camera (pxs=6.4 µm)


  • High resolution X-ray diffraction and reciprocal space mapping
  • X-ray reflectivity and diffuse scattering, texture analysis and stress analysis
  • Quantitative determination of phase crystallite size, strain, composition and layers thickness
  • Scientific research and development of X-ray crystal optics
  • Phase-contrast radiography or tomography of lightweight biological samples (>3 µm)
  • Testing of modern single photon counting X-ray detectors within advance X-ray imaging techniques

Contact: Z. Zápražný, Tel.: +421-33-3811406

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High resolution X-ray imaging system (2D, 3D)


High resolution X-ray diffractometer PANalytical X’Pert3 MRD