FIB Laboratory

The laboratory provides characterization of the samples in various level of vacuum, micro and nano-patterning, 3D structure formation, manipulate objects with a micro-manipulator and deposit platinum patterns. It enables X-ray microanalysis (EDAX) for elemental analysis or chemical characterization.



  • Scanning the surface with focused electrons or ion beam
  • Sample preparation for SEM, TEM, EDS (cross-section analysis)
  • Micro-machining – modification of the AFM tips, drilling patterns to modify the samples
  • Deposit platinum to make a contacts
  • Chemical analysis, which includes spectrum collection and qualitative and quantitative elemental mapping

Contact: Ing. M. Precner, PhD., Tel.: +421-2-5922 2480
Ing. E. Kováčová, Tel.: +421-2-5922 2470

Access: Individual access after introductory training (4 hours), online booking OR

Price: 0 Eur/hour for SAS employees


FEI Quanta 3D 200i dual-beam scanning electron microscope (SEM) and focused ion beam (FIB) with micromanipulator, EDAX analysis and gas injection system