Deposition Laboratory

The laboratory provides thin film deposition of metals, insulators and magnetic materials. The system includes magnetron sputtering, e-beam and thermal evaporation. It enables also sample treatment by RF cleaning, ion milling and heating in situ.


  • Hybrid evaporation and sputtering system AJA Orion 8E
  • Dry vacuum system with base pressure 1×10-8 Torr  (cryo pump, load lock system)
  • Evaporation – two independent multipocket e- beam sources, two thermal sources
  • Sputtering – two A320-XP 2” UHV magnetrons for DC or RF sputtering in Ar gas
  • Substrate  – 3” diameter, radiant heating (850°C), RF/DC bias, ion beam milling gun, azimuthal rotation and 2” z-motion


  • E-beam evaporation material for microelectronic structures
  • Co-deposition two materials simultaneously
  • Preparation ohmic and schottky contacts
  • RF and DC sputtering of metallic, insulating, and magnetic materials (co-sputtering, superlattice)
  • Deposition of materials in different gas environment: N2 (TiN), O2 (Al2O3)

Contact: Ing. J. Fedor, PhD., Tel.: +421-2-5922 2358

Access: guided access, booking via e-mail or phone

Price: 0 Eur/hour for SAS employees


AJA Orion 8E evaporation and sputtering system equipped with a load-lock and two controllers towers