Superconducting Wires Transport

The laboratory provides characterization of superconducting wires, tapes and cables at low temperatures (2.7 – 77 K), external magnetic fields (0 – 12 T) and variable field orientations. Critical currents (Ic) of superconductors are measured by DC (up to 350 A) and by short (5 ms) pulse currents (up to 1500 A). The effect of bending (Ic(d)) and tensile stress (Ic(s) and Ic(e)) on the critical current degradation are also measured at 4.2 K and 77 K.


  • Spilt-coil superconducting NbTi magnet (4.2 K, 0-8.5 T, all field orientation)
  • Superconducting solenoid of inner bore 65 mm (4.2 K, 0-7T, perpendicular field)
  • Cryogen-free superconducting magnet of inner bore 100 mm (4.2 and 77 K, 0-12T, perpendicular field)
  • Low temperature tensile test instrument (60 mm sample, (4.2 and 77 K, up to 7 T)


  • DC and pulsed IV characteristics of superconductors for estimation of critical current (Ic), n-exponent and quench power (thermal stability)
  • Critical current degradation by bending (Ic(d)) and by tensile stress (s(e), Ic(s) and Ic(e))

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The tensile stress equipment for electro-mechanical characterization of superconductors (σ(ε), Ic(σ) and Ic(ε))