MOCVD Technology

The older equipment, AIXTRON AIX-200 R&D, is a standard research-oriented apparatus allowing growth of III-V semiconductor epitaxial layers and advanced heterostructures on GaAs, GaP, and InP substrates. Aixtron CCS flip top MOCVD system with shower head reactor is dedicated for growth of III-N based epitaxial layers and hetero-structures on sapphire, Si, SiC and GaN substrates.


  • Aixtron CCS (3×2 inch or 1x 4 inch),
  • Aixtron AIX-200


  • MOCVD growth of Nitrides, Arsenides, and Phosphides-based epitaxial layers
  • Growth of III-N, III-As and III-P heterostructure quantum wells
  • Growth of III-P nanowires

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Aixtron CCS flip top MOCVD system