Composite Superconductors

Laboratory of composite superconductors is equipped by all machines needed for manufacturing of composite wires or tapes and also cables. Rotary swaging, drawing and rolling (active or passive) deformations are used composite deformations. Circular or flat cables can be made from 3 – 12 strands in the length scale up to few hundred meters.  Thermal treatment of powders and composite wires and windings can be done in air, vacuum and in inert gas.


  • Rotary swaging machine ” Muller”, scale (from 11mm down to 0.8mm)
  • Drawing bench  „ Lorenzato“ (maximal length 4m)
  • Active two-axial rolling machine  , scale (from  12mm down to 1mm)
  • Groove rolling machine , scale (from 7.5mm down to 2.7mm)
  • Cabling machine, maximally from 12 strands


  • Preparation of composite superconductors or other composite materials by cold deformations
  • Preparation of composites by powder metallurgy and its thermal treatments

Contact: I. Hušek, Tel.: +421-2-5922 2008

Access: no free access

Price: 0 Eur/hour for SAS employees


ball mill



drawing bench

two-axial roller

cabling machine