PPMS Laboratory

The laboratory with Quantum Design Physical Properties Measurement System (PPMS) is powerful material characterization system which offers measurements of electrical and magnetical properties of materials, in the temperature scale of  1.9 – 350 Kelvin and magnetic field up to 14 Tesla.


  • Quantum Design PPMS base cryostat with control center
  • Resistive option
  • AC Transport option
  • Vibrating Sample Magnetometer
  • Re-liquifier of He vapours


  • The DC and AC measurements (resistivity including small resistances, critical currents and I-V curves up to 2 Amps, Hall effect etc.)
  • Magnetization measurements

Contact: E. Seiler, Tel.: +421-2-5922 2719

Access: place an order

Price: 0 Eur/hour for SAS employees, based on quotation for others (running costs and consumables)