Magazine Note
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Acta Crystallographica A
Acta Physica Polonica A
Acta Physica Sinica
Acta Physica Slovaca
Advances in Natural Sci: Nanosci Nanotechnology
AIP Advances Open Access
Amatérske rádio
APL Materials Open Access
Applied Composite Materials
Applied Nanoscience Open Access
Applied Physics A
Applied Physics Express 2008 –
Applied Surface Science
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Bulletin Materials Sci
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Czechoslovak Journal of Physics
Chemical Physics
Chemical Physics Letters
Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics
Chinese Journal of Physics
Chinese Physics B
Chinese Physics Letters
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e-Journal of Surface Sci & Nanotechnology
Electrochimica Acta
EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation Open Access
European Journal of Physics
European Physical Journal B
European Physical Journal D
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Fusion Engineering & Design
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Graphene Open Access
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International Journal of Electrochemical Science Open Access
International Journal of Physical Sciences Open Access
IoP Conf. Series: Materials Sci Engn.
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Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 1988 –
Journal Alloys & Compounds
Journal of Applied Crystallography
Journal of Applied Electrochemistry
Journal of Applied Spectroscopy
Journal of Crystal Growth
Journal of Electroceramics
Journal of Electronic Materials
Journal of European Ceramic Society
Journal of Fusion Energy
Journal of Instrumentation 2006 –
Journal of Low Temperature Physics
Journal of Magnetism & Magnetic Materials
Journal of Materials Processing Technology
Journal of Materials Science
Journal of Materials Science Letters
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering
Journal of Physics & Chemistry of Solids
Journal of Physics D (British J. Appl. Phys.)
Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter
Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Journal of Scientific Instruments
Journal of Semiconductors
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry
Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism
Journal of Vacuum Sci & Technology
Journal of Vacuum Sci & Technology A
Journal of Vacuum Sci & Technology B
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Materials for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Open Access
Materials Chemistry & Physics
Materials Letters
Materials Research Bulletin
Materials Research Express 2014 –
Materials Research Letters Open Access
Materials Sci & Engineering B
Materials Sci & Engineering C
Materials Sci & Engineering R
Materials Sci in Semiconductor Processing
Materials Sci Reports
Materials Science
Materials Structure
Measurement Sci and Technology
Measurement Sci Review
Mechanics Composite Materials
Metal Sci and Heat Treatment
Microelectronic Engineering
Microelectronic Reliability
Microelectronics Journal
Microprocessors & Microsystems
Modelling and Simulation in Materials Sci & Engn. 1993 –
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Nano Today
Nanoscale Research Letters Open Access
Nanostructured Materials
New Journal of Physics 1999 –
Nuclear Instruments & Methods Physical Research A
Nuclear Instruments & Methods Physical Research B
Nuclear Physics A
Nuclear Physics B
Nuclear Physics B – Proc. Suppl.
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Oxidation of Metals
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Physica B
Physica C
Physica E
Physica Scripta 1970 –
Physical Review A, B, C, D, E, X 1893 –
Physical Review Letters
Physics in Medicine and Biology 1956 –
Physics Letters A
Physics of Particles and Nuclei Open Access
Physics Procedia Open Access
Physics Reports
Physics-Uspekhi 1958 –
Plasma Science and Technology 1999 –
Procedia Engineering Open Access
Procedia Technology Open Access
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Quantum Electronics
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Reports on Progress in Physics
Review of Modern Physics
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Sci and Technology of Advanced Materials (STAM)
Semiconductor Sci & Technology
Sensors & Actuators
Sensors & Actuators A
Sensors & Actuators B
Solid State Communications
Solid State Electronics
Superconductor Sci & Technology
Surface & Coatings Technology
Surface Science
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Thin Solid Films
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Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk
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