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  • Zápražný, Z. a Maco, M.: Zložená refrakčná šošovka a spôsob jej výroby. PP50014-2021
  • Hrkút, P., Čaplovič, I., Novák, I. a Gaži, Š.: Zariadenie na rovnomerné opracovanie povrchu sypkých materiálov v plazme. Číslo patentu: 288857, udelený 2021.


  • Chromik, Š., Talacko, M. a Španková, M.:  Spôsob prípravy manganitových La-Sr-Mn-O vrstiev s vysokou onsetovou teplotou prechodu do feromagnetického stavu. Číslo patentu: 288749, udel.  2016.
  • Chromik, Š., Talacko, M., Španková, M. a Jung, G.:  Spôsob prípravy kanálov s potlačenou supravodivosťou v YBa2Cu3O7-x mikropáske s využitím skenovania elektrónovým lúčom. PP 50006-2020.
  • Plakonyuk, M., Hansen, O., Kundrata, I., Fröhlich, K., Boisen, A., Rindzievicius, T., and Bachmann, J.: Atomic Layer Process Printer. PCT/EP2020/065396.


  • Korytár, D., Svorada, M. a Zápražný, Z.: Spôsob opracovania a nástroj na opracovanie vnútorných stien kanálikov v krehkých materiáloch v nanometrovej oblasti. PP50023-2019
  • Cambel, V., Šoltýs, J., Tóbik, J., Fedor, J., Precner, M., Feilhauer, J., Ščepka, T., Dérer, J., Bublikov, K. a Vetrova, I.:  Spôsob výroby hrotu pre magnetickú silovú mikroskopiu, hrot vyrobený týmto spôsobom a spôsob skenovania magnetického poľa použitím tohto hrotu. PP50030-2019.


  • Kuzmík, J.: Vertical GaN transistor with insulating channel and the method of forming the same. PCT/SK2018/000009.
  • Balog, M., Krížik, P., Kováč, P., Hušek, I., Kopera, Ľ., and Rosová, A.: Superconductor wire with MgB2 core and Al based sheath and method of its production. PCT/IB2018/ISA/220.
    An ultra-lightweight superconducting MgB2 wire with a Ti barrier and special in-situ Al+Al2O3 composite outer sheath can be fabricated by an internal Mg diffusion into boron process. Specific heat treatment at 628-635 oC for 10-30 min allows to form a high current density MgB2 core along with a high strength Al+Al2O3 sheath and Ti diffusion barrier with a limited interfacial reaction at the sheath interface. The MgB2/Ti/Al+Al2O3 wire reached the high current densities and good tolerance to axial strain at low temperatures. Windings based on the MgB2/Ti/Al+Al2O3 can lead to at least 2.5 times weight reduction when compared with a typical MgB2/Nb/Cu wire of the same cross-sectional dimensions. The mass of MgB2/Ti/Al+Al2O3 wire is the lightest one and more than one order of magnitude smaller in comparison to all other low temperature and high temperature superconductors. This meets demanding requirements on electrical and mechanical properties of superconductors for efficient superconductive and light weight applications, e.g. powerful wind turbines, airborne engines and space systems.


  • Sojková, M. and Chromik, Š.: Názov vynálezu: Spôsob tvarovania tenkých supravodivých vrstiev na báze tália. P 288436


  • Šouc, J., Gömöry, F., Vojenčiak, M., Soloviov, M., Kováč, J., and Štefánik, S.: Superconducting coil and feed superconducting cable. Patent Appl. No. PP 50063-2015.
    The principle of the proposed patent is the method of the superconducting conductors cooling to a sufficiently low temperature with a flow of cryogenic liquid through the tube with good thermal conductivity, on which these conductors are wound, in combination with their thermal isolation from the ambient room temperature using a material with a sufficiently low thermal conductivity, without the need of vessel with vacuum walls that serve as thermal insulation or without the need for direct cooling in bath of cryogenic liquid.


  • Sojková, M. and Chromik, Š.: Stable sputtering target for the fabrication of the precursor films suitable for the preparation of high temperature superconductors based on thallium and mercury. Patent Appl. No. PP 50057-2014.
    The invention solves very fast and simple way of the fabrication of Ba-Ca-Cu-O,F sputtering target with high stability serving for the fabrication of the precursor films suitable for preparation of high temperature superconductors based on thallium and mercury utilizing fluoride precursors.


  •  Dzuba, J., Lalinský, T., Rýger, I., Vallo, M., and Vanko, G.: MEMS pressure sensor with a high electron mobility transistor and a production method thereof. Patent Appl. No. PP 94-2013.
    MEMS pressure sensor with a high electron mobility transistor is construed so its circular or ring or “C”-shaped membrane is constituted by an active AlGaN/GaN heterostructure with an integrated C-HEMT sensing element with possible Si layer of the substrate, which contains at least one inner and one outer Schottky gate sensing electrode (1,2). The inner Schottky gate sensing electrode (1) is positioned to the radius (ri) of a ring sphere where the mechanical stress in the membrane changes its character from tensile to compressive or vice versa. The outer Schottky gate sensing electrode (2) is positioned above the radius (ri) of the ring sphere where the mechanical stress in the membrane changes its character from tensile to compressive or vice versa. Meanwhile, following relationship holds: ri=[c+b/(hm+a)].rm-q, where: (hm) is a thickness of the membrane and (rm) is a radius of the membrane.
  • Kuzmík, J.: Enhancement mode III-N transistor with N-polarity and a production method thereof. Patent Appl. No. PP 67-2013.
    Enhancement-mode III-N transistor with N-polarity consisting of following layers, from the bottom: a bottom barrier layer (1); a channel layer (2); an upper barrier layer (3), the chemical composition of which is different from the composition of the bottom barrier; and dielectric insulating layer (4), while the upper barrier layer/channel layer interface exhibits a negative polarization charge with an absolute value larger than the positive polarization charge at the channel layer/bottom barrier layer interface, and the transistor threshold is freely adjustable.
  • Sojková, M. and Chromik, Š.: The way of patterning of thin superconducting films based on thallium. Patent Appl. No. PP 5030-2013.
    The aim of the work was to find fast and effective way for the patterning of the thin superconducting films based on thallium using wet etching. So far, some bi- and tri-carboxylic acids as succinic, oxalic, malonic, citric, adipic or tartaric acid were used successfully for the wet etching of the thin superconducting Tl- based films. However, the etching rate is very low (0.3 – 0.6 nm / s). Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (H4EDTA) and its sodium salts can be used too with etching rate about 1 nm / s, but it is necessary to maintain the pH of the solution and nitrogen bubbling during etching process. The main drawbacks of these methods consist in forming a low etching rate and selective etching. The above mentioned problems can be solved by the use of etchant based on potassium iodide. The invention is used for the preparation of thin film structures of superconductors based on Tl using photolithography and wet etching. An aqueous potassium iodide solution, hydrochloric acid, and ascorbic acid is used as an etchant. The etching process is fast enough (about 15 nm / s), do not remain residues on the surface of the substrate, and there is no degradation of the superconducting properties.


  • Kunzo, P. and Lobotka, P.: Method of plasma charge treatment of the gas sensitive layer of gas sensor. Patent Appl. No. PCT/SK2011/050024.
    Sensor for accurate examination and analysis of gases, predominantly hydrogen and/or ammonia, using electrical and electrochemical means. The sensing element of the sensor consists of conducting polymer whose outer surface is treated in a plasma discharge with electron temperature (thermal kinetic energy) of 1 to 10 eV and electron density of 1014 to 1018 m-3. The plasma is generated in oxygen gas or the plasma treatment in other gas is followed by the sensor exposure to the oxygen containing gas afterwards. The conductive polymer is polyaniline or polypyrrole or polytiophene or their combination.


  • Šouc, J., Vojenčiak, M., and Gömöry, F.: The method of modification of superconducting wire Patent Appl. No. PP 5043-2010.
    The solution is related to the modification method of superconducting wires and consists in placement of feromagnetic tapes in one layer above the spacing of superconducting tapes around the forming element.
  • Ušák, P., Mozola, P., and Polák, M.: SK Patent No. 287557.
  • Šoltýs, J., Cambel, V., Fröhlich, K., Hušeková, K., Karapetrov, G., and Šatka, A.: Patent Appl. No. PP 5041-2010.


  • Vincenc Oboňa, J. and Chromik, Š..: SK Patent No. 286586.


  • Dubecký, F., Darmo, J., Pelfer, P.G., Kordoš, P., and Förster, A.: SK Patent No. 282934.