Diploma Thesis

  • Title: Magnetic design of superconducting magnetic energy storage systems
    Supervisor: Mgr. E. Pardo, PhD. ( Department of Superconductors )
    Prof. Ing. Peter Ballo, PhD. (ÚJFI FEI STU)
    Stud. programma: Physical engeneering
    Abstract: Coated conductors are the most promising high-temperature superconductors for applications. Superconducting Magnetic Storage Systems (SMES) are an important potential application, which may improve the stability of the electric network and reduce the power fluctuations in renewable energy sources. This diploma work is intended to develop a computer program in C++ in order to predict the main magnetic properties (such as magnetic field, maximum stored energy and critical current) and optimize the winding geometry in SMES made of coated conductors. A portion of the diploma work time will be dedicated to revising/learning the C++ language, if required.