Living Costs and Benefits

  • The base scholarship is 807,50 Euro for the first 18 months (before defending the mid-term research work) and 940,50 Euro afterwards and it is tax free. In addition, there could be a bonus of around 20% if the PhD student works for a project, usually possible after the first year.
  • There is a reward for publishing in scientific journal belonging to Current Content database. First authoris given (250 x Journal Impact Factor) Euro and decides how it will be split among other co-authors.Scientific Secretary will provide you with further relevant information.
  • The Slovak Academy of Sciences provides you a discount for the dorms. The rent for one room is around 50 Euro/month. The dorms are completely renewed, the rooms are individual and there is a kitchen and bathroom shared with other two rooms. In addition, there is regular cleaning service.
  • For each day you spend at the institute you are granted with luncheon ticket you can use in local canteen. Luncheon ticket cost you only ca. 1 Euro, the rest is paid by the institute.
  • For working in hazardous environment (such as cleanroom, working with toxic chemicals, x-rays,…) there is a surcharge plus 5 extra vacation days. For information regarding this surcharge contact Mrs Kristína Hušeková at 5th floor, room 503.
  • You can ask for an ISIC card. With this you are able to use many discounts for cultural events, travel insurance and many more. Unfortunately you can’t use benefit of discounted fare e.g. for public or intercity transport. To get a new ISIC just visit your study manager and fill out and order form. Charge is 20 Euro, revalidation stamp for next year will cost you 10 Euro.