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Aims and scope

In recent years there has been a lot of activity in the field of modelling of high-temperature superconductors (HTS), ranging from fundamentals to applications. This field deserves a specialized workshop, not only due to its prominent activity but also because this area is usually disperse in major conferences. The HTS modelling workshop aims to meet in one place researchers specialized on the physics and mathematics underlying under novel and existing calculation methods, the development of modelling tools, the non-trivial application of commercial software to the simulation of HTS, and the design of power applications of industrial interest. The structure of the workshop facilitates the discussion between researchers from these four different aspects, necessary to achive their goals.

The main focus of the workshop is the modelling of low-frequency electromagnetic properties, thermal and quench evolution, and device behaviour in an electric network. However, contributions from other topics related to modelling of HTS are welcome.

This workshop belongs to the series initiated by the HTS modelling workgroup . After the highly successful workshops in Lausanne, Cambridge and Barcelona, we welcome you to the next event in Bratislava.


International advisory board

Frédéric Sirois (Canada)
Archie M. Campbell (UK)
Naoyuki Amemiya (Japan)
Leonid Prigozhin (Israel)
Francesco Grilli (Germany)
Antonio Badía (Spain)
Bertrand Dutoit (Switzerland)
Àlvar Sánchez (Spain)
Benoit Vanderheyden (Belgium)
Yasunori Mawatari (Japan)
Tim Coombs (UK)
Xavier Granados (Spain)
Antonio Morandi (Italy)
Antti Stenvall (Finland)

Local organizing committee

Enric Pardo
Fedor Gömöry
Michal Vojenčiak
Mykola Soloviov
Silvester Takács
Jozef Pitel


Enric Pardo

Organizing institutions