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Journal Reading

20.10.2017 To get

Lecture - Nam Dong Kim, Ph.D.

Carbon nano-engineering for improved hybrid structures

02.05.2017 To get

Lecture - Prof. V. Novosad

Fabrication of large dual-polarized multichroic TES bolometer arrays for CMB measurements with the SPT-3G camera

22.04.2017 To get

March for Science

07.04.2017 To get

Lecture - Prof. E. Miranda

Compact modeling of hysteresis effects in RRAM devices

24.03.2017 To get

Lecture - Dr. Ievgen Brytavskyi

Technology and characterization of advanced devices based on III-V semiconductors

08.03.2017 To get

Lecture - prof. P. Husar

Sensors and electronics for biomedical applications

16.12.2016 To get

Lecture - Prerna Chauhan

Growth and characterization of GaN-based epilayers and their device applications

25.11.2016 To get

Lecture - Dr. M. Eisterer

MgB2 vs. iron-based superconductors: competitors for applications at intermediate temperatures?

13.11.2016 To get

ASDAM 2016

13.10.2016 To get

Defense of PhD Thesis

Ing. B. Brunner

09.09.2016 To get

Lecture - Dr. B. Hudec

Truly analogue memristors prepared by ALD for the applications in memory and neuromorphic systems

15.07.2016 To get

Lecture - Dr. Haluška

Towards individual SWCNT-based gas sensors with improved metal nanotube contacts


Defense of PhD Thesis

Ing. Tomáš Ščepka

06.05.2016 To get

Lecture - Dr. Kazuki Kodama

Theoretical and experimental studies for III-Nitride semiconductors

22.04.2016 To get

Lecture - Dr. O. Babchenko

Design and Fabrication of Diamond-on-GaN Hybrid Structures for MEMS

15.04.2016 To get

Lecture - Dr. R. Stoklas

Electrical, chemical, and optical characterization of HfO2 and Al2O3 gate oxides and its interfaces prepared by ALD on III-N semiconductor heterostructures

01.04.2016 To get

Lecture - Dr. M. Vojenčiak

Thermo-electrical Stability of Superconductors in Unconventional Cooling Conditions

26.02.2016 To get

Lecture - E. Seiler

Brief summary of stay at CERN and of SASPRO project at IEE SAS

22.01.2016 To get

Lecture - Dr. Mruczkiewicz

Particular Properties of Spin Waves in Magnonic Crystals

02.12.2015 To get

Lecture - Dr. I. Zaytseva

Superconductor-insulator transition in selected films of conventional and high temperature superconductors

15.11.2015 To get

Lecture - Prof. Dong Su Lee

Transconductance fluctuations as a probe for fragile

10.11.2015 To get

Open Day

13.10.2015 To get

Lecture - Prof. R. Varga

Application of bistable microwires as microsensors

15.05.2015 To get

Lecture - Prof. Y. Sakka - IACh SAS

Texture development and some properties of feeble magnetic ceramics by colloidal processing in a strong magnetic field

12.05.2015 To get

Lecture - Dr. Vainshteina

Miniature source for pulsed mm-wave imaging with subpicosecond temporal precision


Lecture - Dr. J. Šoltýs

Electron and Ion Lithography

14.04.2015 To get

Lecture - Dr. Gang Niu

HfO2-based RRAM: from materials engineering to integrated modules

20.03.2015 To get

Lecture - Dr. A. Kario

Superconductivity activities towards application at SUPRA group

21.11.2014 To get

Feed-back to DOD'14

14.11.2014 To get

Lecture - Mr. Nagasaki

05.11.2014 To get

Defense of PhD Thesis

Mgr. Petra Barančeková Husaníková

01.06.2014 To get

Admission to PhD Study

21.05.2014 To get

Lecture - Dr. Kalna

Simulations of Si and III-V FinFETs for future digital applications

16.05.2014 To get

Lecture - Prof. Miranda

An introduction to spatial statistics for micro/nanoelectronics and materials science using the R language

21.05.2013 To get

Study in Slovakia

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31.01.2013 To get

Session of Academia

15.01.2013 To get


V. Palankovski (TU Vienna)

07.12.2012 To get

Defense of PhD Thesis

05.12.2012 To get

Session of Academia

11.11.2012 To get


06.11.2012 To get

Open Day

05.11.2012 To get

Open Day in Piestany

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Protocol of Evaluation

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PhD Seminar

10.10.2012 To get

Publication Seminar

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28.09.2012 To get

Researchers' night

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Publication Seminar

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President SR Prize

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Paper in Science