European Union

Projects funded by the European Union

FP, No. Title ResponsibleDuration
Advanced Superconducting Motor Experimental Demonstrator - ASuMED
E. Pardo 2017-2020
Accelerator research and innovation for european science and society - ARIES
E. Seiler 2017-2021
Cost effective FCL using advanced superconducting tapes for future HVDC grids - FASTGRID
F. Gömöry 2017-2020
Implementation of activities described in the Roadmap to Fusion during Horizon2020 through a Joint programme of the members of the EUROfusion consortium
M. Vojenèiak 2014-2018
Hooking together European research in atomic layer deposition HERALD
K. Fröhlich 2014-2018
Enhanced x-ray tomographic reconstruction: experiment, modeling, and algorithms
Z. Zápražný 2013-2017
Composites of Inorganic Nanotubes and Polymers COINAPO
P. Lobotka 2009-2013
Energy for a Green Society
J. Novák 2011-2014
7th, 280432
European development of superconducting tapes - EUROTAPES
F. Gömöry 2012-2017
Exchange on Ionic Liquids EXIL
P. Lobotka 2013-2017
Nanoscale Superconductivity: NanoSC
V. Cambel 2012-2016
Colloidal Aspects of Nanoscience for Innovative Processes and Materials
P. Lobotka 2012-2016
Advanced X-ray spatial and temporal metrology
D. Korytár 2012-2016
Hybrid energy storage devices and systems for mobile and stationary applications
F. Gömöry 2011-2015
Microwave and terahertz metrology for homeland security
P. Lobotka 2012-2015
7th, 308793
Superconducting, reliable, lightweight, and more powerful offshore wind turbine - SUPRAPOWER
P. Kováè 2012-2014
7th, 287602
GaN-based normally-off high power switching transistor for efficient power converters - HiPoSwitch
J. Kuzmík 2011-2014
7th, 241285
Development and field testing of an efficient YBCO coated conductor based fault current limiter for operation in electricity networks (ECCOWLOW)
F. Gömöry 2010-2013
7th, FU-CT-2007-00051
Theoretical and experimental study and technology of plasma diagnostic sensors
F. Dubecký 2007-2011
7th, CP-IP 214610-2
Materials for Robust Gallium Nitride (MORGaN)
K. Fröhlich 2008-2011
7th, FU-CT-2007-00051
Development qualification of HTSC conductors for fusion magnets
F. Gömöry 2007-2013
6th, 035619
Nano-Engineering Superconductors for Applications - European Network NESPA Power
F. Gömöry 2006-2010
6th, 006903
InAlN/(In)GaN Heterostructure Technology for Ultra-high Power Microwave Transistor (ULTRAGAN)
K. Fröhlich 2005-2008
6th, 502615
Superconducting coated conductor cable (SUPER3C)
F. Gömöry 2004-2008
6th, 505724
Nano-and micro-scale engineering of higher-performance MgB2 composite superconductors for macro-scale applications (HIPERMAG)
P. Kováè 2004-2008
6th, 801465
AC losses measurements on high temperature superconductors
F. Gömöry 2005-2008
6th, 32793
New gallium phosphide grown by vertical gradient freeze method for light emitting diodes (VGFGAPLED)
J. Novák2002-2006
5th, 05077
Superconducting European Network SCENET-2
F. Gömöry 2002-2006
6th, 003366
Advanced Semiconductor Devices and Microsystems - ASDAM '04
J. Osvald2004-2005
5th, 28495
Integration of very high-k dielectrics with silicon CMOS technology (INVEST)
K. Frõhlich 2001-2005
5th, 80658
Applied Superconductivity Training and Research Advanced Centre - ASTRA
F. Gömöry 2003-2005
5th, 006339
Conductance of disordered mesoscopic conductor obtained from many-body calculation of electronic structures
M. Moško 2004-2005
5th, 00239
Quality monitoring of superconductors for the production of efficient compact and reliable energy transmission systems
F. Gömöry 2000-2003
5th, 05001
Metal oxide multilayers obtained by cost-effective new CVD technologies for magnetoelectronic microsystems and nanotechnologies - MULTIMETOX
K. Frõhlich 2000-2003
One-dimensional electron transport in V-groove GaAs quantum wires: Measurement and simulations for a broad temperature range
M. Moško 1999-2003
5th, 00049
Optimising powder-in-tube tapes in MRI systems as ice-breaker for HTS socio-economic benefits
P. Kováè 2000-2002
5th, 00046
Spatially resolved subsurface characterization of semiconductor wafers by high resolution X-ray diffraction
D. Korytár 2001-2002
5th, 00081AC
AC loss measurements and strand joining methods
M. Polák 2000-2001