Mgr. Peter ŠICHMAN

  • 2021

Stoklas, R., Chvála,, Šichman, P., Hasenöhrl, S., Haščík, Š., Priesol, J., Šatka, A., and Kuzmík, J.: Analysis and modeling of vertical current conduction and breakdown mechanisms in semi-insulating GaN grown on GaN: role of deep levels, IEEE Trans. Electron Dev. 68 (2021) 2365.

Šichman, P., Haščík, Š., Gregušová, D., Hasenöhrl, S., and Kuzmík, J.: Optimalization of SiCl4 – based reactive ion etching and nickel hard mask for GaN on GaN vertical structures. In Proc. 9th Inter. Conf. on Advances in Electron. Photon. Technol. – ADEPT. Žilina: EDIS 2021. ISBN 978-80-554-1735-6. P. 163-166.

Gregušová, D., Pohorelec, O., Ťapajna, M., Blaho, M., Gucmann, F., Stoklas, R., Hasenöhrl, S., Laurenčíková, A., Šichman, P., Haščík, Š., and Kuzmík, J.: Polarization engineering in GaN-based normally-off transistors. In: 2021 Inter. Meeting for Future of Electron Devices – IMFEDK2021. Kansai, Virtual 2021. Invited. IEEE: 2021, p. 1-4. ISBN 978-1-6654-4200-8.

  • 2020

Šichman, P., Hasenöhrl, S., Stoklas, R., Priesol, J., Dobročka, E., Haščík, Š., Gucmann, F., Vincze, A., Chvála, A., Marek, J., Šatka, A., and Kuzmík, J.: Semi-insulating GaN for vertical structures: role of substrate selection and growth pressure, Mater. Sci Semicond. Process. 118 (2020) 105203.

  • 2017

Gregušová, D., Blaho, M., Haščík, Š., Šichman, P., Laurenčíková, A., Seifertová, A., Dérer, J., Brunner, F., Würfl, H., Kuzmík, J., : Polarization-engineered n+GaN/InGaN/AlGaN/GaN normally-off MOS HEMTs. Physica Status Solidi a 214 (2017) 1700407.