Mgr. Konstantin BUBLIKOV

  • 2021

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  • 2020

Šoltýs, J., Feilhauer, J., Vetrova, J., Tóbik, J., Bublikov, K., Ščepka, T., Fedor, J., Dérer, J., and Cambel, V.: Magnetic-field imaging using vortex-core MFM tip, Applied Phys. Lett. 116 (2020) 242406.

  • 2016

Bublikov, K.V.,  Sadovnikov,  A.V.,  Beginin, E. N., Sharaevskii, Yu.P., and Nikitov, S.A.: The influence of a metal on transverse characteristics of hybrid waves in a layered ferrite–ferroelectric structure, Techn. Phys. Lett. 42 (2016) 486–490. (Not IEE SAS)

Bublikov, K.V. and Sadovnikov, A.V.: Influence of periodic ferroelectric layer on band gap’s width in periodic ferrite – periodic ferroelectric structure. In – 2016 Inter. Confer. Actual Problems of Electron Dev. Engn. – APEDE  1, Conf.  Proc. 2016, no. 7878844. (Not IEE SAS)

  • 2015

Sadovnikov, A.V., Beginin, E.N., Bublikov, K.V., Grishin, S.V., Sheshukova, S.E., Sharaevskii, Y.P., and Nikitov, S.A.: Brillouin light scattering study of transverse mode coupling in confined yttrium iron garnet/barium strontium titanate multiferroic, J. Applied Phys. 118 (2015) 203906. (Not IEE SAS)

Sadovnikov, A.V., Bublikov, K.V., Beginin, E.N., Sheshukova, S.E.a, Sharaevskii, Y.P., and Nikitov, S.A.: Nonreciprocal propagation of hybrid electromagnetic waves in a layered ferrite–ferroelectric structure with a finite width, JETP Lett. 102 (2015) 142-147. (Not IEE SAS)

  • 2014

Sadovnikov, A.V., Bublikov, K.V., Beginin, E.N., and Nikitov, S.A.: The electrodynamic characteristics of a finite-width metal/dielectric/ferroelectric/dielectric/metal layer structure, J. Comm. Technol. Electron. 59 (2014) 914-919. (Not IEE SAS)

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