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„European Regional Development Fund“
Agency of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic for the Structural Funds of the EU We support research activities
in Slovakia
The project is cofinanced
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Slovenská verzia

Centre of Excelence for New Technologies in Electrical Engineering

     The Centre was established with the support of the European Regional Development Fund which helps to develop employment by promoting employability, business spirit, equal opportunities and investing in human resources.

   New technological laboratories which complete already existing infrastructure by organic way and move it qualitatively to the higher level will be built thanks to project The Centre of Excellence.
   Impetus for the Centre project was an intense collaboration of individual researchers and teams from the entire workplace partners and the applicant in joint projects themed to the new electronic components and effects in them.
   Another motivation is the co-education of the students and doctoral candidates in the field of new Technologies so they can bring to businesses in the region information about new advanced technologies in the field of electrical engineering.
  The Centre operates at the Institute of Electrical Engineering Slovak Academy of Sciences IEE SAS.

     Centre's Partners:

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